The gardening association was formed but we do not know for sure WHEN? There has been talk that it was in existence in the 1920's but we have no documentary evidence of this. We have a land certificate document dated 28th November 1934 showing the registration of land at the back of the Kingsway Parade, New London Road and the right of way to access it.  Title of this land was held by the David Stibbards and transferred in 1956 to new Trustees Messrs Tutt, Pitt,Ely & Benson.  In 1974 ownership was again transferred to the currant Trustees Messrs Bunker,Carrington,Heathcote and Quantrill (now deceased). Upon this land a shop was constructed by the then current members with all forms of fertilizers,composts,canes,pots,seeds and many other requirements for the garden, at discounted prices.  Sadly with the advent of the growth of Garden Centres, and Supermarkets stocking such a huge range of garden products, the sales in the trading store declined until it was obvious that there was no further demand from members.  The store closed in 1998 and is used only for storage of tables used at the horticultural shows. When the Hadleigh Gardening Association was first formed its objectives were stated as,


To hold Horticultural Shows annually, to arrange lectures, to assist and advise members in purchasing plants, seeds, fertilisers and sundries and to purchase the same for resale to members.  Also to afford facilities for the exchange of plants and cuttings etc. to arrange and organize parties to visit orchards, nurseries and places of horticultural interest and to provide free or reduced rate tickets to visit national shows and horticultural trials etc, of societies to which the Association is or may be affiliated.     


In spite of the passage of time and the changes that have taken place with regard attitude to much smaller gardens now, the current objects of the Association remain broadly in line with the original concept.  We still have three well supported horticultural shows, annually, six or so evening lectures incorporating horticultural and more general subjects of current interest.  Popular day coach visits are organised to areas of interest throughout the year with an annual "coach holiday" to a different part of the country to enjoy.















News & Events

  • Year 2020
    SHOWS are at the Methodist Church, Chapel Lane ”Youth Hall” (YH).
    Entering 9 to 11am. Viewing 2pm to 4:30 pm.
    All TALKS and MEETINGS are at the Hadleigh Old Fire Station (HOFS) usually on third Thursday of the month at 7:30 for 8pm, except for the TABLE QUIZ and FISH & CHIP SUPPER / QUIZ which are at 7:00 for 7:30 pm.

    Thurs. 16th. Jan.                 Talk by Darren Lerigo, “A Very British Garden”.                               HOFS


    Thurs. 20th. Feb.                 Talk by Brian Carline, “Tripe & Trotters”.                                           HOFS


    Thurs. 19th.March               Talk by Penny Poppins, “Life of a Lady Chimney Sweep”.           HOFS


    Saturday 21st.March           Outing to R.H.S. Wisley Plant Show.


    Saturday 4th.April                SPRING SHOW.                                                                                         YH


    Saturday 25th.April              Outing to Kent Tulip Gardens.


    Mon. 4th. May                      Spring Holiday Start          NB. Bank Hol. moved to Fri.8th. May


    Thurs. 21st. May                Talk by Nick Dobson. “International Flowers”.                              HOFS


    Tues.2nd June                      Outing to Saffron Walden & N.G.S. Gardens.


    Saturday 13th June             SUMMER SHOW.                                                                                        YH


    Wed. 8th. July                     Outing to Hampton Court & Gardens.


    Thurs. 16th. July                Talk by Bob Delderfield,“Aspects of Thundersley”.                        HOFS


    Saturday 8th. Aug.              Outing to Chartwell House & Gardens.


    Thurs. 20th Aug                  Talk by Edward Lubbeck, “Hot Air Ballooning”.                               HOFS


    Saturday 12th. Sept.          HARVEST SHOW.                                                                                     YH


    Tues. 15th Sept.                   Outing to Leeds Castle Flower Festival.


    Thurs. 15th Oct.                   Cups Return & Talk by Ann Chance, “Saddle Sore in Montana HOFS


    Thurs. 19th. Nov                  Fish & Chip Supper & Quiz (7 for 7:30 pm). B.Y.O. drinks. HOFS


    T.B.A. Nov./ Dec.               Tinsel and Turkey Holiday.


    Thurs. 10th. Dec.                AGM & Annual Awards Presentation.                                     HOFS

  • Meeting nights

    Shows are at the Methodist Church Church Lane "Youth Hall (YH) Entering 9 to 11am. Viewing 2pm to 4,30pm

    All Talks and Meetings are at the Hadleigh Old Fire Station(HOFS) usually on the third Thursday of the month at 7.30pm for 8pm, for TABLE QUIZ and FISH&CHIP SUPPER/QUIZ which are at 7.00pm for 7.30pm.