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News & Events

  • A.G.M

    Our A.G.M  & AWARD Pressentation 14th December 2017  19.30 For 20.00 hrs Finger buffet & wine

  • Program for 2018

                                                                                                                           MEETING HALL

    Thursday 18th January    Talk by Maz Morgan,  " Ten Pound Pom"                                   HOFS

    Thursday 15th February   Talk by John Taylor,   " Bees in your garden"                            HOFS

    Thursday 15th March       Talk by Julia  Tetley,    "This plant! Why is it called that"           HOFS

    Saturday 24th  March       SPRING SHOW                                             Hadleigh   Methodist Church Hall  

    Thursday 19th April         Talk by Robin Carsberg,"Winning ways at the show bench"        HOFS

    Thursday 17th  May         Table Quiz & Buffet (7pm for 7.30pm)  B.Y.O. Drink                  HOFS

    Saturday 16th June          SUMMER SHOW                                             Hadleigh   Methodist Church Hall

    Thursday 21st June          Talk by Ann Chase,     " Petticote Pilot"                                    HOFS

    Thursday 19th July           Talk by Nick Dobson,   " Dazzling Dahlias"                               HOFS

    Thursday 16th August       Falk by Ian Curry        "Raining Cats & Dogs-unusual weather"  HOFS

    Saturday 15th September  HARVEST SHOW                                            Hadleigh   Methodist Church Hall

    Thursday 18th October      Talk by Georgina Phillips "Legends of Leigh"   Also return cups   HOFS

    Thursday 15th November   FISH & CHIP Supper & Quiz (7pm for 7.30pm) B.Y.O. Drink       HOFS

    Thursday 13th Decenber     AGM & Annual Award Presentation                                          HOFS


                                       PRE-BOOKED OUTINGS

    Tuesday 20th February        Chippenham park Snow Drops.

    Friday   16th March            Brick Lane Theater      Irish Music Hall Show.

    Wednesday 25th April         Pashley Manor Tulip Festival.

    Monday 7th May               MAY HOLIDAY. 

    Thursday 24th May            Hole Park Gardens ( Wisteria & rhododendrons).

    Wednesday 27th June        Feeingbury Manor & Washlands (NGA Gardens).

    Thursday 9th August         Deben River Cruise.

    Sunday 9th September      RHS Wisley Annual Garden Show.

    OCT / NOV                          London West End Show.

    NOV / DEC                        Thursford Spectacular.