Thursday, 20 December 2018 22:15

monthly meetings year 2019

Thurs.17th.Jan.                    Talk by David Williams, “Greening of the Capital.”                          HOFS

Thurs.21st. Feb.                   Talk by Bob Delderfield, “White Wizard of Hadleigh.”                     HOFS

Thurs. 21st .March               Talk by Georgina Phillips, “Legends of Leigh.”                                 HOFS

Saturday 13th April             SPRING SHOW.                                                                                      YH

Thurs. 18th.April                  Talk by Nick Dobson, “The Fuchsia Story”                                           HOFS

Thurs. 16th.May                   Table Quiz with Fish & Chips (7 for 7:30pm). B.Y.O. drinks.            HOFS

Saturday 15th June             SUMMER SHOW.                                                                                        YH

Thurs. 18thJuly                    Talk by Brian Carline “Pelargonium Varieties & Husbandry”             HOFS


Thurs. 15th Aug                  Talk by Ann Chance, “Saddle Sore in Montana”.                                 HOFS

Sunday 22nd Sept.              Outing to Chatham Dockyard (“Salute to the Forties”).

Saturday 14th Sept.            HARVEST SHOW.                                                                                      YH

Thurs.17th Oct.                    Cups Return & Talk by Bill Butcher “Garden People”.                       HOFS

Thurs.21st Nov.                   Fish & Chip Supper & Quiz (7 for 7:30 pm). B.Y.O. drinks.               HOFS

Thurs 12th Dec.                   AGM & Annual Awards Presentation.                                                   HOFS